• About Me

    I’m a film nut addicted to the screen. I can remember watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was a kid thinking to myself ‘This is so cool!’ When I was in High School, I was heavily involved in theater productions, starring in West Side Story, and having small parts in other plays. When my family and I would go on road trips, I would always vote for Los Angeles, because I wanted to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I can still vividly remember my first time walking down Hollywood Blvd and thinking we were in the middle of the universe.

    I always thought that I would make it out to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting, but never did I think that I would actually become a producer of short films.

    The best part of living in Hollywood is that I have access to just about every kind of art I can get my hands on. Movies? Check. Shorts? Check. Theatre? Uh-huh. Wierdos? Yup!

    And the beach is 30 minutes away, depending on the crazies you’re following while behind the wheel.

    My typical day is work for a few hours on a new film project, then explore the beautiful California coast, where I’ve made a ton of great friends.

    That’s where we are now. In the middle of a beautiful friendship, seeking out a few new ideas each week to pop on the screen.

    North Hollywood is a wonderful place, and I encourage you to visit. For now, we’ll be your Noho guide!

    Who knows, we may even land on the big screen one day!

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